Shower Over Tile Trays
For Commercial Use


The Bellessi Tile Trays are a self draining shower system with built-in fall. With watermark certification, meeting Australian standards on all outlets, the Bellessi Tiled Shower base system offers a high quality package for quick and easy installation. It can also be installed directly onto joists.

The Bellessi Tile Over Shower Base is gives builders the ability to take control of their build reducing trades onsite and increase the speed of installation.

The Bellessi Tile Over Shower base is adhered directly to the floor joist and ready for waterproofing saving having to build a screed and wait for it to set.

The Bellessi tiled shower base ensures the fall to the outlet meeting Australian Standards and helping to prevent leaks in your shower.

*NOTE-:Please read the installation instructions carefully before installing your tray. View our Installation page to download our Bellessi installation instructions and Approved Water Proofing Systems

It is the responsibility of the installer to adhere to local building codes when installing the Bellessi tile over shower tray.