Glass Filler Panels


Bellessi Glass Filler Panels are a great DIY Solution for Easy Installation behind Gas Cooktops. Simply install your colour match glass filler panel behind your gas cooktop and your Bellessi Polymer either side for a modern and sleek look. Glass Filler Panels are available in all Vibrant colours, Motiv designs and custom colours.

Features & Benefits

  • DIY Installation
  • Australian Standard Toughened Glass
  • High Heat Resistance
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Striking high gloss finish for an eye catching result
  • 6 set sizes
  • Select colour options on-shelf at Bunnings
  • Available in our 25 Standard Colours
  • Custom Colour options using any paint colour in Bunnings
  • Colour matching to our Polymer Panels
Vibrant Colour Range
  • Winter Breeze
    Winter Breeze
  • Vantage
  • Sugar Snap
    Sugar Snap
  • Stormy Night
    Stormy Night
  • Silver Ghost
    Silver Ghost
  • Sandstone
  • Portabello
  • Platinum
  • Onyx
  • Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Linen
  • Kalamata
  • Ice
  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod
  • Horizon
  • Dice
  • Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy
  • Cool Mist
    Cool Mist
  • Coffee
  • Bond Metallic
    Bond Metallic
  • Bond
  • Custom Colours
    Custom Colours
Eye Catching Designs
  • Winter Forest
    Winter Forest
  • Whitewash Boards
    Whitewash Boards
  • White Wall
    White Wall
  • White Marble
    White Marble
  • White Lady
    White Lady
  • Venice
  • Turbulent
  • Sunset Strands
    Sunset Strands
  • Subway Tile
    Subway Tile
  • Statuario
  • Smoke Marble
    Smoke Marble
  • Skyline
  • Sandy Desert
    Sandy Desert
  • Red Wall
    Red Wall
  • Purple Drops
    Purple Drops
  • Morning Dew
    Morning Dew
  • Manhattan Night
    Manhattan Night
  • Manhattan Blues
    Manhattan Blues
  • Life’s A Blur
    Life’s A Blur
  • Latte Steam
    Latte Steam
  • Herringbone
  • Grey Marble
    Grey Marble
  • Grey Gravel
    Grey Gravel
  • Green Horizon
    Green Horizon
  • Green Grass
    Green Grass
  • Grecian Marble
    Grecian Marble
  • Granite Sand
    Granite Sand
  • Granite Grey
    Granite Grey
  • Fossil
  • Dust Storm
    Dust Storm
  • Desert
  • Dandelion
  • Chopping Block
    Chopping Block
  • Cascades
  • Blue Storm
    Blue Storm
  • Blue Horizon
    Blue Horizon
  • Blue Drops
    Blue Drops
  • Black Marble
    Black Marble
  • Beach Dream
    Beach Dream
  • Beach Circles
    Beach Circles
  • Antique Copper
    Antique Copper
  • Allsorts Yellow
    Allsorts Yellow
  • Allsorts Green
    Allsorts Green
  • Allsorts Blue
    Allsorts Blue

Colours online can look different than in real life. Everything possible will be done to deliver the best match however due to the nature of paint compared to print, a perfect match cannot be guaranteed every time. Please take this into consideration when ordering your Bellessi panel.
When ordering multiple panels for use together, please ensure they are all ordered at the same time. Due to the nature of paint there can be slight variations between batches.

Note: Colour matched splashbacks may vary slightly from the original colour sample and between batches.

Bellessi Splashbacks have a gloss finish which may differ from a matte colour sample when choosing a custom colour. A handy hint is to use a piece of sticky tape on a colour sample to visualise a gloss finish. Colour may also differ due to the age of the original product and the lighting of the splashback location.

When colour matching the Glass Filler Panel system, glass and polymer panels can slightly differ due to the nature of glass composition. Everything possible will be done to deliver the best match however due to the above factors a perfect match cannot be guaranteed every time.